One-day ascent to Zelenkovoy Peak

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One-day ascent to Zelenkovoy Peak

One-day ascent to Zelenkovoy Peak (3801m) 1b difficulty level according to the Russian climbing system. 
Roundabout route.

Recently we have opened a new hike to the summit Zelenkovoy Peak (3801m). The route was already used in former Soviet times.
The area is 40 km away from Bishkek city. One-way 8 km distance to the top with a vertical drop of up to 1.5 km. The lower part of the route runs along the forest. A further hike to the Chichar pass. The peaks of the Alamedin Gorge are perfectly visible in fine weather. Alpine meadows give way to rocky slopes. In some places, you need to go around, climb the simple rocky sections. The descent down goes to another direction of Kurgaktor glacier. The route is circular. From the top, there is an incredible view of the peaks of Ala – Archa Valley from a new angle. Then, a pleasant mountain trail returns back to the forest. There are pine, birch, spruce, larch trees.
There is an option to climb two easy Peaks in one day. Traverse from Beshalchaluutash to Zelenkovoy Peak.
One-day hike to Zelenkovoy Peak is suitable for those who are already have climbed the simple peaks.

Early departure from the city: 6 a.m.
Start hiking: 7 a.m.
Ascent to the top in 4-5 hours
If the weather is good group spends 40 minutes - 1 hour on the top (snack-time, take pictures)
Descent to the other side is usually twice faster than the ascent.
 Professional guide, for a large group: guide + assistant

Necessary equipment:
- Comfortable sports shoes;
- Trekking sticks;
- Backpack 15-20 liters;
- Warm clothes (windbreaker, fleece jacket, gloves, hat);
- Sunglasses;
- Sunscreen;
- Snacks, 1 liter of water;
Also, due to the situation of Coronavirus, you need to have a mask (during transfer), an antiseptic.
Transport will be disinfected in advance.